The loss of workers due to traffic incidents seriously impedes the operation of any business.  For employees who drive either a company vehicle or their own vehicle on the job, safe driving is a matter of occupational safety.

Would a defensive driving course benefit your company?
Fewer collisions to company vehicles will help control insurance costs – and safe drivers lose less time from work because they avoid collisions.  The Defensive Driver Course is designed to teach your employees how to drive safely and to manage risks they may encounter on the road.

What is the Defensive Driving Course?
Designed for adult learners, it is an established, proven program designed to produce:
        - fewer company vehicle collisions
        - less absenteeism due to injuries & court time
        - and life-long safe driving habits

Your employees will learn:
        - principles of defensive driving 
        - collision avoidance techniques
        - the six adverse driving conditions 
        - the time-interval formula 
        - the habitual eye-lead time technique 
        - the pre-trip mental inventory
        - preventing driver distraction
        - the three part collision prevention formula

Course includes:

        - 66 page student manual/workbook

        - 6 hours class time with certified instructor

        - case studies - videos - class discussion

        - group activities

        - certificate upon successful completion

For more information, contact Gerry Dion, 
Certified Defensive Driving Course instructor

at Excel Driving School.  



This 1-day course can be taught at your business

location or at the Excel Driving School classroom.

           Did you know . . .

       85% of collisions are               caused by driver error             and are preventable?

"The university, being such a large and diverse institution, has searched for a provider of the defensive driving services within the Canada Safety Council model that will fit within our environment.  Gerry Dion of Excel Driving School delivers just that in a very professional manner.  Gerry has a very understanding appreciation for an educational institution and the variety of ways driving affects how we do business and is able to communicate with our staff, faculty and students in a very open-minded manner.  Gerry continues to be well received by all who have attended his sessions here at Queen’s and the program has proven to be invaluable."

Catherine A. Hagerman, BA, CRM
Manager, Insurance & Risk Management
Queen’s University

Kingston  ON

Defensive Driving Course

for corporate, groups and small fleets

Defensive Driving Course
teaching safe driving strategies for all conditions and situations

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