Defensive Driving Course
teaching safe driving strategies for all conditions and situations

Who we are . . .

All our driving instructors are certified by the MTO and the Ontario Safety League. 

How to correct a slide on an icy road (and how to prevent them) 

7 drving habits that ruin your car and drain your wallet

​Since 1969, Excel Driving School in Kingston has been helping students to navigate the path to becoming better, more confident drivers, equipping them with defensive driving skills to keep them safe.

Led by our expert instructors, students experience a wide range of driving conditions during our in-class and in-car driver training program preparing them for their G2 drivers test . We are devoted to ensure that each student drives safely and responsibly and has a positive experience in the car.  Students learn that texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do behind  the wheel of a car.

Why Choose Us?

Ministry- Approved Defensive Driving Course Provider 
We are a Ministry-approved Defensive Driving course provider.  Know that you are receiving the best and most   up-to-date training at our car driving school.

Government Approved Licensed Curriculum
We are teaching with the Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course curriculum with modern interactive lessons which include group activities, video, games, PowerPoint instruction and student workbooks.

Certified Instructors
To become a qualified driving instructor in Ontario, the Ministry of Transportation requires successful completion of the approved MTO driving instructor course.  All instructors  at Excel Driving School have been certified by the Ontario Safety League and have many years of teaching experience.

Fully Insured Driving School
We don't cut corners.  We carry Consumer Protection Insurance on our dual equipped vehicles. 

Certificate upon Completion 
When you successfully complete your Defensive Course you will receive an Excel Driving School Certificate of Completion.  Keep the Certificate as proof of your driver training.

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