Defensive Driving Course
teaching safe driving strategies for all conditions and situations

Serving Kingston - Belleville - Brockville and surrounding areas.

Want to become a better, safer driver?  We can help.

The Defensive Driving Course focuses on how to avoid collisions & operate your vehicle safely.  You will learn specific techniques to avoid all types of traffic collisions, despite the actions of other drivers.

Individual & Group Classes

Our Defensive Driving Course is for individuals and for groups.  We do training at our facility in Kingston - or on-site at your business.

What is defensive driving?

Being a safe & responsible driver takes a combination of knowledge, skill & attitude.  It is important to be able to see dangerous situations before they happen & respond quickly and

effectively to prevent them.

Excel Driving School, a recognized leader in defensive driving and driver education.

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The Defensive Driving Course has been designed and approved by the  Canada Safety Council.