Defensive Driving

Canadian Defensive Driving -

Being a country where transportation is a major aspect of progress, Canada is home to numerous major highways, main roads, and lanes. Consequently, a huge percentage of the Canadian population over the years have started to support the use of cars and other types of automobiles for greater convenience and ease of traveling from one city to another. But with the increase of car owners and drivers in Canada came the possibility of more precarious events in its city streets. Road accidents such as car collisions and those wherein people get run over by autos become more frequent as a result of the increase of drivers in Canada.

To raise the awareness of the public about these occurrences and to educate them on what to do when such events take place, the Canadian government has supported the subject of defensive driving. This topic is disseminated in the form of courses that individuals can attend over a period of time. Basically, Canadian defensive driving aims to provide information regarding the methods and principles to safely drive an automobile to prevent unfavorable events caused by certain road-related factors. These include distractions in and around the vehicle, hostile road conditions, weather and climate, the actions of nearby drivers, and other factors such as contact with animals.

Furthermore, Canadian defensive driving is similar to those which are offered in other countries. However, its subtopics are fitted to match the kinds of roads and the type of weather in Canada. Moreover, each province in the said country has its own set of schools that give defensive driving trainings to further make the subject more specific.

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